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First Year Success Student Student Leaders

FYS Peer Ambassadors and Campus Outreach Ambassadors establish mentoring relationships in order to connect first year students to a diverse, supportive, and welcoming community to ensure a successful transition into MSU Denver.

Peer Ambassador and Campus Outreach Ambassadors are successful students who serve as mentors and provide additional resources and outreach to current students. Peer Ambassador and Campus Outreach Ambassadors answer questions about the program and stay in touch with first-year students to inform them about program events and campus activities.

Program Outcomes:

  1. To establish mentoring relationships with MSU Denver FYS participants.
  2. To inspire an attitude for academic success.
  3. To connect FYS students to campus resources and services.
  4. To engage FYS students with campus life.

What are PAs and COAs?

PAs and COAs are Peer Leaders

  • PAs are students beyond their first-year who have (and maintain) a GPA of 3.0 or above. As such, they are role models for students at MSU Denver who have gone through experiences similar to those they serve. Recruited from a variety of backgrounds ranging from traditional student to single mother or veteran, these students have faced relatable challenges and succeeded.
  • COAs are students who are excited and passionate about helping first year students and also achieve (and maintain) a GPA of 3.0 or above. COAs provide outreach and involvement opportunities for first year students who are not enrolled in FYS classes.

PAs and COAs facilitate activities designed to support first year students

  • FYS sponsored programs are often facilitated by Pas and COAs. In addition, PAs will organize activities to develop a network of support and increase MSU Denver community engagement. Such activities may include: pre-­‐scheduled study circles, campus lectures, academic support workshops, book discussions, or sporting events.

PAs and COAs are available to students as resources

  • PAs and COAs are there to connect first year students to the campus and the organizations within the campus. They are there to provide students with a bridge to other departments, clubs and activities while supporting them academically.

Here are your 2017-2018 Peer Ambassadors!
2017-2018 Peer Ambassadors

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