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Housing Information for MSU Denver Students

While MSU Denver does not offer campus housing, we’re happy to assist students in their search for housing so they can continue their Roadrunner careers with the best chance for success. This website provides a non-comprehensive list of housing options and resources for students to consider as they look for a place to live or roommate or just need support throughout the year.

Our Housing Options Nearby page provides links to the apartments closest to campus, as well as websites that aggregate housing options throughout metropolitan Denver.

Visit the Emergency Housing page if you have an immediate need for temporary housing or shelter.

If you need help Finding a Roommate, the University has partnered with a roommate-matching service exclusive to MSU Denver students.

Campus Confidential Resources provides information about financial aid and counseling services related to your housing situation.

Beyond these online resources, students who need additional guidance can schedule an appointment with a case manager in the Dean of Students Office by calling 303-615-0220 or visiting Tivoli 311. We’re here to help!


This information is solely intended as a service to MSU Denver students and those persons affiliated with the University. The University does not endorse or recommend any specific landlord, individual property owner, property management company, or individual person and inclusion of any listing should not be construed as such. MSU Denver does not inspect any of the properties listed or available on this resource list and does not guarantee nor warranty, either express or implied, the accuracy, completeness, suitability, or reliability of any listed property or information associated therewith. While all efforts have been made to include correct and current information, MSU Denver cannot guarantee the availability of any listings beyond the original date of posting and the information listed is subject to change without further notice. MSU Denver does not warrant that the use of any information contained in a listing is free of any claims of copyright infringement.


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