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Learning & Development

Build a strong foundation from which to grow.

Our philosophy for the Learning & Development (L&D) team is to be intentional as we build developmental programs starting with the basic need for a strong foundation from which to grow. Through our work, we take a holistic approach to engage all employees, encourage reflection, increase self-awareness, inspire positive interactions and ultimately lead to employees’ personal and professional growth.

Featured Training!

Reducing Stress through Mindfulness & Meditation Level 2

If you’ve already attended Level 1, join us to learn about how you can naturally relieve some stress and be more present through mindfulness and meditation Level 2.

July 12th @ 10:00am - 11:00am in SSB 304

Facilitator: Rob Ingle, MSU Denver

Contact: Danielle Farrell,



What is this?

This section will provide you with valuable news updates and happenings in L&D. This content will change on a monthly or bi-weekly basis, so visit often to stay in-the-know.


Professional Development Changing to Learning & Development

The Professional Development Office has a new name! We are now the Learning & Development Office. This name shift aligns with our philosophy of supporting and empowering our colleagues to grow as individuals, both personally and professionally, as the two are inseparable. We understand the value of investing in our employees on both levels and strive to create a program that encourages critical thinking of self, others, team, and the organization.

The Learning Nook

What is this?

This section will highlght short articles, videos, or other learning media that will only take one to five minutes to complete. These trainings will include insight and instruction on a variety of topics and provide you with valuable knowledge for your professional and personal development. This content will change on a monthly basis, so check The Learning Nook regularly for brief but valuable learning.



The broadest and most useful definition of microlearning is "learning, and applying what one has learned, in small, focused steps.” Ideally, each of these microlearning steps is:

  • self-contained, with its own learning objective
  • a small win on the way to a larger goal (for example, learning to make eye contact is a step toward becoming a competent presenter)
  • as short as possible, but as extensive as necessary.

These self-contained steps can take many forms, from short videos explaining a concept, to a quiz helping to recall it, to a short practice task in which you apply it, to an email that reinforces it. 

Source: Alex Khurgin"Will the Real Microlearning Please Stand Up", Association for Talent Development

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