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Make a Report

Emergency: In case of an emergency please dial 911 from any campus phone to reach the Auraria Police Department. From a cell phone dial 303.556.5000 to reach the emergency responders for the Auraria Campus. Emergencies taking place on campus should be reported directly to the Auraria Police Department, who will coordinate a timely response with other local responders as needed.

Non-Emergency Criminal Reports:

If you have firsthand knowledge of criminal behavior taking place on the Auraria Campus you are encouraged to file a police report with the Auraria Campus Police Department as soon as possible. Please call the Auraria Police Department at 303.556.5000 to make a report over the phone or to arrange to meet with an officer who can take your report.

Policy Violations:

 If you observe concerning behavior that may not rise to the level of criminal activity, but may be in violation of a University or campus policy you are encouraged to make a report so that the appropriate authorities can intervene.
  • To report a student policy violation please filed a report with the Dean of Students Office.
  • To report a faculty or staff policy violation contact the Department Chair. For a directory of MSU Denver departments, faculty and staff see here.
  • To report a guest/visitor policy violation contact the Auraria Police Department.

Concerning Behavior:

If you are concerned about a member of the MSU Denver community you are encouraged to alert the University representatives who are best equipped to assess the situation, and if needed, to intervene. If you observe concerning behavior please make a report so that qualified professionals can assess the situation and determine the appropriate response.
  • To report concerns about an MSU Denver student please file a CARE report.
  • To report concerns about a member of the MSU Denver faculty please contact the applicable Department Chair.
  • To report concerns about an MSU Denver staff member please contact Human Resources.  

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