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Students working in the Ethnography Lab

MSU Denver Ethnography Lab

Ethnography Lab students, faculty, and staff outside on campus.The MSU Denver Ethnography Lab is located in CN 106S.  For more information, and to reserve and check out equipment, call 303-605-5807.  


Lab Overview and Facilities

The MSU Denver Ethnography Lab is a research and training facility dedicated to the documentation and analysis of human culture. As a professional data-gathering method, ethnography involves cultural and linguistic immersion in the community under study and the collection of qualitative data through participant-observation, interviewing, recording of naturally-occurring social interaction, and other techniques. Analysis centers on the patterns and substance of human beliefs and practices as they relate to a diverse set of real world communities and issues.

Housed within the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, the MSU Denver Ethnography Lab facilitates access to state-of-the-art field equipment and technologies used by professional ethnographers, including high-quality digital audio and video recording equipment, lapel microphones, smartpens, and headsets. PC work stations are outfitted with software for transcribing, analyzing, and archiving digital audio, video, and textual data. The facility also houses a small library. The lab supports courses in cultural and linguistic anthropology, as well as sociology and linguistics, providing undergraduate students with hands-on training in ethnographic data-gathering and qualitative data analysis.



Tutoring is available by appointment for the following courses:

  • ANT 1310: Intro to Cultural Anthropology
  • ANT 2330: Cross-Cultural Communication
  • ANT 2500: Anthropology of Language

To schedule a tutoring appointment with one of our student staff, please email In your email, please specify which course you would like tutoring in and who your instructor is for that course.


Ongoing Professional Research Projects


Auraria Library Resources for Anthropology Research



Ethnography Lab Personnel 

Ethnography Lab Director
Rebecca Forgash, PhD

Lab Coordinator
Jill Scott, MA


Spring 2018 Ethnography Lab Student Staff

Aaron Gallegos

Aaron Gallegos

Aaron Gallegos graduated from MSU Denver in Fall 2017, earning a BA in Linguistics with a minor in French. He has been working in the Ethnography Lab since the spring semester of 2016 and is continuing as a volunteer working on the Ch'orti' Project. Aaron enjoys learning about other languages and cultures.



Katrina Geist

Katrina Geist is a senior at MSU Denver and is majoring in Anthropology with a minor in History. She is currently the lead research assistant and has worked in the Ethnography Lab since the fall of 2015. Katrina enjoys travelling, exploring cultures through food ways, textile arts, and hot beverages. She is the proud parent of two rabbits.



Patrick Hardy

Patrick HardyPatrick Hardy is a senior at MSU Denver and has been working in the Ethnography Lab since fall 2016 on the Ch'orti' Language Project. He is a full time student majoring in Linguistics, interested in historical linguistics and anthropology, politics, sociology, world travel, and history. His hobbies include exploring our beautiful state, mountain-biking, writing, and he is slowly teaching himself piano.   


 Clare Johnson

Clare JohnsonClare Johnson is a junior at MSU Denver, double-majoring in Psychology and French. Clare began working on the Ch'orti' Language Project in the Ethnography Lab in the fall of 2017. Her passion for language has led her to study five foreign languages, with plans to explore more in the future. Her other interests include classical antiquity, research design, travel, etymology, bicycles, and linguistics. She has two cats.  


Roman Khamov

Roman Khamov in the Ethnography LabRoman Khamov is a junior at MSU Denver. He is a Linguistics major infatuated with all things linguistics and learning more about languages in general. He currently speaks 3 languages and is also working on Japanese, with the goal of eventually becoming a polyglot. He joined the Ethnography Lab in the fall of 2017 as a lab assistant and is always happy to help with any work that needs doing around the lab.   


Liam Price

Liam Price

Liam Price is a junior at MSU Denver who has been working in the Ethnography Lab since spring 2018. Liam is double majoring in Linguistics and Anthropology, with a minor in Spanish. In his free time Liam likes to hike, read, and practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. As with others in the lab, Liam is an aspiring polyglot and loves to study languages and travel.



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